FDP-01 Police Protection Bulletproof shield

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The bullet-proof shield for police is made of bullet-proof shield body, observation window assembly, handle, elbow pad, elbow belt, explosion flash component. The shield body adopts high-performance polyethene aramid material layer for pressing, forming, lightweight, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet ray, easy to use, easy to observe, bullet-proof, explosion-proof and other functions.

Made from UD fibres as raw materials, shield design with shooting windows and shot hole, the handle in the back ensure the stability when using, it widely uses in Anti-terrorism and city battle.


1. Material: High molecular weight polyethene

2. Size: 900*500*8mm

3. Weight: about 5kg

4. Protection area: 0.45㎡

5. Protection level: Bulletproof grade: NIJ III (7.62 x 39 AK 47 & 7.62 x 51 Nato Ball

NIJ IV (7.62 x 63mm AP (30.06 M2) velocity at 880 m / s

6. Bulletproof shield composed of shield body, observation window and handle.

7. The observation window size: width 170mmX height 60mm; observation window bulletproof level: NIJ IIIA.

About our company

Ruian Ganyu Police Protection Equipment(GANYU) is a professional company specialized in design, production and supply of the most advanced safety solutions for Law Enforcement Industry. "High quality, Competitive price and Perfect service system " is our guarantee for our products. For 17 years, we are committed to providing better quality products and services for military and police department.

GANYU offers a wide range of excellent safety solutions and its certification according to the most reliable ballistic standards have been highly appreciated even by the most demanding end-users from all over the world. Thanks to many years of constant research and development, our products are deemed to be comprehensive body armor products protecting against multidimensional threats.

Our mission is to foresee future threats and dangers so that you can be prepared when they come true. Right efforts make us ready to provide the most accurate solutions at the right time!

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