DPL-02 Aluminum alloy anti riot shield

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  • Material: high strength aluminum alloy plate
  • Size: 900*500*2mm
  • Weight: about 3.35kg
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    Description for anti riot shields
    Size 900*500
    Thickness 2mm
    Material Aluminium alloy 
    Weight About 3.5kg 
    Area more than 0.54㎡
    Grip connection strength 500N
    Durability performance 147J kinetic energy puncture conforms to the standard
    Resistance to impact strength 147J kinetic energy up to the standard


    Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A1: Professional manufacturer is who we are.

    Q2: How long have you been this industry?

    A2: About 17 years, since from 2005, the most old-line company in China.

    Q3: Where is your factory located in?

    A3:Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Provice. 1h flight from Shanghai, 2h flight from Guangzhou. If you want to pay a visit us, we can pick you up.

    Q4: How many employees do you have?

    A4: Over 100

    Q5: What are the standards do you follow?

    A5: China GA, NIJ, also ASTM or BS can be make if requested.

    Q6: How long can i have the sample?

    A6: Normally sample will be ready within 3-5 working days.

    Q7: What are the payment methods do you accept?

    A7: L/C, T/T and Western Union.

    Q8: How about warranty police?

    A8: 1-5 years warranty will be offered based on different items.

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