DPL-03 New design metal anti riot shield

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  • Material: high strength aluminum alloy plate
  • Product size: 1000*600*2mm
  • Logo: can be customized
  • Packing: 102*58*23cm, 5pcs/ctn
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    Brief Introduction

    Riot shields are used in almost every country with a standardized police force and are produced by many companies. They are often used in conjunction with a baton. Most riot shields are constructed from transparent polycarbonate to enable the wearer to see coming thrown objects.

    About us

    The GY Riot Shield offers protection from swung and thrown objects while providing optical clarity that allows you to accurate assess risk.  The GY Riot Shield is effective, protective, and affordable.  

    It is made from optically clear, impact-resistant, high-strength polycarbonate.    

    The GY Riot Shield is predominantly right-handed, although it can be inverted for left-handed use.   Like bulletproof vests, riot gear is essential to some professions and is often unaffordable. GY ensures that anyone who wants protection can get it.  

    Customers who tend to purchase riot gear include municipal and campus police officers, security guards, preppers, and airsoft players. Because of its versatility and the high degree of protection riot gear provides, it usually costs several hundred dollars per piece. This makes it difficult for the everyman to afford.

    Thanks to GY, however, the demand for accessible protective gear has finally been met. 

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