JG-01 Anti riot baton Police Straight baton

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1. Material: PP

2. Color: black

3. Length: 54cm

4. Weight: about 0.36kg



1. Material: PP

2. Color: black

3. Length: 68cm

4. Weight: about 0.31kg



1. Material: PP

2. Color: black

3. Length: 85cm

4. Weight: about 0.37kg


1. Application: Military, Police, Security, Government.

2. Feature: Strong hardness, lightweight, environmental protection without odour, not easy to age.

3. Importance: As a non-lethal weapon, sticks can more effectively subdue criminals without causing serious harm. Even if they are taken away by gangsters, the harm is limited, so they are widely used by police in various countries. It is also often used as training between soldiers in the army.

4. Practical use: The Baton Training is designed to give policeman and soldier the maximum level of proficiency of carrying and use a baton while on duty as a policeman, army and security guard. In practice, they can fight with similar items like a baton.


Good knowledge on different market can meet special requirements.

Real manufacturer with our own factory located in Ruian, Zhejiang, China

Strong professional technical team ensure to produce the top quality products.

Special cost control system ensure to provide the most favorable price.

Rich experience on manufacture field with export business of police & military equipment.


Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A1: Professional manufacturer is who we are.

Q2: How long have you been this industry?

A2: About 17 years, since from 2005, the most old-line company in China.

Q3: Where is your factory located in?

A3:Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Provice. 1h flight from Shanghai, 2h flight from Guangzhou. If you want to pay a visit us, we can pick you up.

Q4: How many employees do you have?

A4: Over 100

Q5: What are the standards do you follow?

A5: China GA, NIJ, also ASTM or BS can be make if requested.

Q6: How long can i have the sample?

A6: Normally sample will be ready within 3-5 working days.

Q7: What are the payment methods do you accept?

A7: L/C, T/T and Western Union.

Q8: How about warranty police?

A8: 1-5 years warranty will be offered based on different items.

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