FDK-03 NIJ IIIA Fast type bulletproof helmet

Short Description:

Adopts imported Kevlar material, equipped with cushion pad, lightweight and comfortable, superior bullet-proof performance.Helmet surface paint is improved , Now we introduced American equipment and use the environmental overall protection coating,(polyurethane colloidality paint) which has advantages of wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-peeling, various chemical corrosion resistant,UV-proof,waterproof and excellent adaptive performance.

Bullet-proof performance performs NIJ Standard 0101.06 & 0106.01 NIJ Standard, V50 test, has passed the certification of quality ,ISO quality process control requirements.We can issue test report of China Ordnance Special Product Quality Supervision And Inspection Test Center, and provide authorization cerification 〝cooperation partner of KEVLAR protection field〞by DuPont China group co., Ltd. This is to certify that the bulletproof materials are original Kevlar.

Product Detail

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Bulletproof Helmet



Protection level

NIJ Standard-0101.06 & NIJ 0106.01 level ⅢA









Head circumference(cm)

M:54-58    L:56-60    XL:57-62

Weight (±0.05kg)

M:1.5     L:1.55     XL:1.62



Head circumference(cm)

M:54-58    L:56-60    XL:57-62

Weight (±0.05kg)

M:1.45     L:1.5      XL:1.55


Helmet shell adopts the advanced spraying process with whole sealing which avoid the glue failure from the effect of temperature and humidity, protects the helmet shell from flaking after collisions.FAST bulletproof helmets are designed for special forces. The bracket in the front of helmet is for mounting night-vision goggles, and the side rails are loadable for tactical lighting devices ,video cameras .etc, ID card or other marks can be attached on the shell by velcros.Helmet uses HEAD - LOC suspension technology, interior is equipped with lightweight, impact resistant, ventilated EPP cushion (EPP cushion is composed of anti-shock and memory sponge layer), and EPP cushion would be not influenced by environmental temperature, altitude and humidity change .Helmet has OCC - DIAL adjustable headband, OCC - DIAL uses mechanical optimization design with a knob to adjust, can tighten the HEAD space just by twisting the knob gently, keep the stability of the helmet.Users wont feel the loosing.At the same time COMTAC/SORDIN and other communication headsets can be placed inside of the helmet.

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