GY-FBF10B New Design Breathable Body Armor

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This type anti riot suit is the new design type, the elbow and knee part can flexible active. And the whole set plastic shell have breathable holes, users will more comfortable in hot environment.

Main specification

1. Materials: 600D Polyester cloth, EVA, PC shell, Aluminum plate.

The chest and back protector all have PC shell, add the aluminum plate.

The elbow and knee part can flexible active.

2. Feature: Anti riot, UV resistant, Stab resistant

3. Protection area: about 1.08㎡

4. Size: 165-190㎝, can adjusted by velcro

5. Weight: 7.53kg (with carry bag: 8.82kg)

6. Packing:60*48*30cm, 1set/1ctn


Material: The anti-riot suit is made of flame retardant fabric, which is non-toxic and tasteless. After thousands of cleaning, the flame retardant property still does not weaken.

The protective layer of front chest, back and groin adopts aluminum alloy plate , Other protective parts are flame retardant oxford cloth + EVA buffer layer.



The front chest and back   resist 20J puncture, and the tip of the knife does not penetrate.

Impact resistance

With 120J impact, the   protective layer will not be damaged or cracked.

Impact energy absorption   performance

The front chest and back   impact the protective layer with 100J kinetic energy, and the cement   indentation is 15.9mm

Protection area

Front chest and front   file0.06


Upper limbs (including   shoulders and elbows)> 0.14

Lower limbs0.26

Flame retardant   performance

The afterburning time   after the surface of the protective part burns is less than 10 seconds.

Adapt to ambient   temperature


Structural connection   strength

Buckle strength500N

The fastening strength   of Velcro 7.0N/2

The strength of the   connecting belt2000N


For sample, can ship by express, like DHL/ UPS/ TNT/ FedEX, etc.

For large goods, can ship by sea, air, truck...

40HQ container can accept about 680ctns GY-FBF10B anti riot suit

Product Details Picture

upper body protector

upper body protector

thigh protector

thigh protector

leg protector

leg protector

back protector

back protector

arm protector

arm protector



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