What is a riot helmet and precautions for wearing it

The most common riot helmet is the FBK-5L helmet, which is a police device used to protect police officers from blows to the head and face or other potential damage (such as spraying corrosive chemical liquids) while performing official duties. The shell is designed according to the riot helmet specification of the Ministry of Public Security. It is made of PC alloy, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, good light transmission of the mask lens, wide field of vision, comfortable wearing, firmness, and simple wearing. The necessary protective equipment for personnel to ensure their own safety in the fight against terrorism and violence.Precautions: 1. It must be worn tightly when in use. 2. When using, please check the sealing between the moisture-proof rubber strip in the mask and the forehead of the shell. 3. Overall strength: This helmet can resist the impact kinetic energy and the passing impact of the steel cone stipulated in Article 5.8 and 5. 9 of the GA294-2001 Police Riot Helmet Specification of the Ministry of Public Security. For collisions beyond this energy, it can only give you maximum strength protection to mitigate damage to you. Therefore, when the helmet has a major collision accident, it should be stopped immediately or sent to the factory to determine whether it can continue to be used. 4. Overall appearance: The helmet body cannot be wiped or oiled with corrosive solvents to prevent damage to the strength of the helmet body material. 5. The service life of the anti-riot helmet is three years.

Post time: Aug-09-2022