Military equipment of bulletproof vest

Bullet proof vest (bulletproof vest), also known as bullet proof vest, bulletproof vest, bullet proof suit, personal protective equipment, etc., is used to protect human body from damage caused by warhead or shrapnel.


The bulletproof vest is mainly composed of a cover, a bulletproof layer, a buffer layer and a bulletproof plug plate. The cover is usually made of chemical fiber fabric or wool cotton fabric to protect the bulletproof layer and make the appearance beautiful. Some of them have pockets on their covers to carry ammunition and other supplies. The bulletproof layer is usually made of metal, Kevlar fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene, etc. it is used to open or embed penetrating bullets or explosive fragments. The buffer layer is used to eliminate the impact kinetic energy and reduce non penetrating injury. It is usually made of closed hole knitted composite fabric, soft polyurethane foam plastics and other materials. The bulletproof insert plate is a kind of insert plate to enhance the protection ability of the bulletproof layer. It is mainly used to protect the penetration of rifle direct projectiles and high-speed small fragments.

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Bulletproof vests can be divided into:

① infantry bulletproof vests. Equipped with infantry, Marine Corps, etc., used to protect personnel from various fragments.

② Special personnel bulletproof vests. It is mainly used for special tasks. On the basis of infantry bulletproof vests, the protection functions of neck, shoulder and abdomen are added, and the protection area is increased; the front and back are equipped with plug-in board bags to insert bulletproof plug-in boards to improve the bulletproof performance.

③ Artillery body armor. It is mainly used by artillery in combat and can protect against fragment and shock wave damage.

According to the structural materials, bulletproof vests can be divided into:

① soft bulletproof vests. The bulletproof layer is usually made of multi-layer high-strength and high modulus fiber fabric with stitching or direct superposition. When the bullet or fragment penetrates into the bulletproof layer, the directional shear failure, tensile failure and delamination failure are produced to consume its energy.

② Hard body armor. The bulletproof layer is usually made of metal material, high strength and high modulus fiber, laminate made of resin matrix composite material, bulletproof ceramics and high strength and high modulus fiber composite board. The bulletproof layer of metal material consumes the energy of projectile mainly through deformation and fragmentation of metal material. The bulletproof layer of high strength and high modulus fiber bulletproof laminate consumes projectile energy through delamination, plugging, resin matrix fracture, fiber extraction and fracture. When the high-speed projectile collides with the ceramic layer, the ceramic layer breaks or cracks and diffuses around the impact point, which consumes most of the energy of the projectile, and then the high modulus fiber composite plate further consumes the residual energy of the projectile.

③ Soft and hard composite bulletproof vest. The surface layer is made of hard bulletproof material, and the lining is made of soft bulletproof material. When a bullet or fragment hits the surface of a bullet proof vest, the bullet, fragment and hard material on the surface will deform or fracture, consuming most of the energy of the bullet and fragment. The soft lining material absorbs and diffuses the energy of the remaining part of the bullet and fragment, which can buffer and reduce the non penetrating damage.

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