Why do bulletproof products have a shelf life?

With the update of international supernatural events, bullet-proof machines and equipment have gradually entered the public eye, and various bullet-proof products are diverse. There are many factors that people usually consider when purchasing this product, and the shelf life is undoubtedly a major factor that everyone will consider when choosing bulletproof products.
So why do bulletproof products also have a shelf life, and how long is the shelf life generally? The following is a detailed formulation of this problem.
All bulletproof products, such as bulletproof vests and bulletproof sockets, are all made of one or more kinds of raw materials through special technology. Different raw materials have different characteristics, and aging will occur with the improvement of time. Therefore, All bulletproof products have a shelf life, and different bulletproof products have different shelf lives. But when it comes to the shelf life of bulletproof products, many people are likely to have some misunderstandings, that is, bulletproof products will maintain the conventional bulletproof level during the shelf life of the label, but in fact this is not the case. In fact, the actual protective effect of bulletproof products during the shelf life is affected by various factors such as raw materials, application frequency, proper maintenance, product specifications and so on. Let’s each explain:
1. Materials
The raw materials of bulletproof products are a major factor that endangers their service life. Like all organic compounds, the materials used to manufacture bulletproof products will also change with time, resulting in reduced product performance. Therefore, the raw material of bulletproof equipment is the primary factor that affects its shelf life. At this stage, there are many raw materials for bulletproof products such as Kevlar, PE, steel, and porcelain, and the shelf life of bulletproof products with different raw materials will also vary.
For example, soft body armor is less resistant to moisture and high temperatures than hard body armor. There is also no need for constant application once the soft body armor gets wet. The heat resistance of PE body armor is also weaker than that of Kevlar.
bulletproof socket
2. Frequency of application.
The number of applications of bulletproof products is also a major factor that jeopardizes the service life of bulletproof products. For example, the ballistic performance of a body armor that is often worn will undoubtedly decrease compared to the occasional application of the body armor. It is inevitable that there will be some damage when wearing it. The more severe the wear, the shorter the service life. Especially under extreme conditions, the damage to the performance of bulletproof machinery and equipment will be higher.
3. Maintenance
The maintenance method will also cause certain damage to its anti-ballistic performance. Some products have certain regulations on the natural environment for storage due to raw materials.
For example, Kevlar bulletproof clothing and bulletproof sockets, which are commonly used at this stage, must pay special attention to preventing sunlight and direct contact with water. If cleaning is necessary, simply wipe with a damp cloth. If it is exposed to water for a long time, its bulletproof working ability will be greatly reduced, and its service life will be greatly shortened. In addition, bulletproof clothing should be avoided as far as possible in flat areas, and PE bulletproof clothing should be prevented from being used in high temperature ring mirrors.
Soldiers in body armor.
4. Specifications
When choosing body armor, whether the specifications are suitable will also endanger the service life of the body armor.
If the body armor selected is large in size and not close to the body, the customer will continue to shake when exercising. This will cause adverse effects on the service life of the bulletproof vest; if the selected body armor is too small and too tight, the bulletproof vest will remain open for a long time, and its anti-ballistic performance will also be reduced.
Therefore, if the size of the bulletproof vest is too large or too small, it will cause a certain level of harm to it, affecting its service life and actual effect. It is not difficult to see that whether the body armor is suitable for the purpose of maintaining the actual effect of bulletproof is very important.
Manufacturers do not know how customers will use and maintain the product. Therefore, they usually come up with a general time period based on some properties of the product and the natural environment, and explain that the shelf life is reasonable if there is no human factor damage. For bulletproof products, the shelf life agreed by the manufacturer is not easy to be too long. At this stage, most of the bulletproof products on the market have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years. Because if the manufacturer assures the buyer that the shelf life is too long, it is very likely that the premium will increase, and finally the price of the product will increase. Therefore, even if some products have established a shelf life, it does not mean that the product must lose its bulletproof ability after the shelf life. Even so, it is recommended that you try not to reapply bulletproof products beyond their expiration dates. Even if you think your bulletproof equipment will still have a good bulletproof ability beyond the shelf life, try not to explore it again, because you can’t play survival.
Above are all the answers about the shelf life of bulletproof products. If you have any related questions, please get in touch with everyone anytime, anywhere.
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