Common Types of Riot Shields

At this stage, the anti-riot weapons and equipment used by police around the world are roughly as follows: batons, anti-riot sticks (1.5m long rubber sticks), anti-riot shields, tear gas, pain bullets, dye bombs, anti-riot guns (used to send tear gas, Pain bullets, dyed bullets, rubber bullets, etc.), net guns, anti-wolf spray atomizing nozzles, high-pressure water dragons, etc. But usually the most common ones are batons and riot shields. The small side below will tell you the common types of riot shields.
One, round shield
I am sure that I have seen a lot of shields. The raw materials of the shields are mainly plexiglass plates, which are small in size and light in weight. Police officers often see shields hanging on their abdomens, and the shields should replace the old rattan shields (I firmly believe that my good friend who watched the old Hong Kong movie watched it). The total maintenance area has not changed much, but I firmly believe that the net weight will be greatly alleviated.
Round shields are used for precise positioning of police officers for shock, arrest, expulsion and other daily tasks. Because the shield is not large, it is more convenient to use the round shield in the operation process, and it is more flexible in the whole process of arrest, but it can also save a lot of energy. The defects are also very significant. Because of its small size, it is impossible to reasonably maintain various positions of the body in response to the attack of the violent crowd, and it is likely to cause different levels of damage to the policeman’s body.
Second, the long shield
The large and medium-sized anti-riot shields used in the new anti-riot clothing are also made of plexiglass, but the volume and thickness are much higher than the 98 shields of many weapons and equipment, which may be expensive. The shield’s volume maintenance total area exceeds that of the ring shield, which is also made of plexiglass panels. According to estimates, the relative height of the shield should be around 1.5m, the total width should be at least 0.6m, and the thickness should be selected differently according to different things.
The precise positioning of the police chief’s shield is used in daily tasks such as resistance, manipulating the development trend of the situation, and reducing the indoor space of the rioting crowd themed event. Although the total maintenance area of ​​the shield is relatively large, it has the defects of inconvenient walking and excessive size. When suppressing the crowd, it should not be attacked and evacuated too casually. Therefore, if the police want to achieve significant results in controlling the turmoil, they need to combine the round shield with the long shield organically.
Round shields and long shields are all indispensable weapons and equipment for police officers. People’s living standards are getting higher and higher, but the quality of the people is not that high, so there are still many criminals. Riot shields can suppress riots, forcibly disbanding groups and other riots, while trying to avoid damage to the other party, which can not only ensure its own safety, but also prevent damage to the poor people.

Post time: Mar-11-2022