Construction of motorcycle helmets

For every friend who rides a motorcycle, a helmet is definitely a must. If you’re on a bike, you must wear the helmet you need. Maybe you have a helmet, but have you cleared the construction of the helmet? Today, I will accompany you to understand the structure of motorcycle helmets.
The shell of the helmet plays a key role in the safety performance of the helmet, so the selection of its material is very critical. generally. The selected materials are ABS and glass fiber. Good helmets are made of reasonable carbon fiber materials, but they are more expensive.
cache layer
The key role of the cache layer is to digest and absorb the impact of others. Imagine that if the hard helmet of the outer shell has no buffer layer, when it is hit by an external force, the external force will immediately damage the head and destroy it according to the shell. Therefore, the thickness of the cache layer and the quality of the material affect the professional ability of the helmet to cache. The key to the cache layer is the raw material of foamed polyurethane butadiene.
Protective glasses can maintain the eye area and face. Its materials include plastics (such as polypropylene epoxy glue) and raised glass lenses (such as PMMA epoxy glue). Among them, improving the scratch resistance of glass lenses is outstanding. Here, readers are advised to choose protective eyewear made of high-quality materials whenever possible. Because of the poor material, it is very easy to break and stab the face during the entire impact.
The function of the chinstrap is to hold the helmet firmly on the forehead. The combination methods are: lock type, buckle type, cloth paste type.
inner liner
The important role is to improve the comfort of wearing, generally made of soft velvet cloth.
jaw guard
Jaw maintenance is part of a full face helmet, in other words, the more dental maintenance there is under the nose, the part of the jaw that, when damaged, gives the face a lot of safety maintenance. Full-face helmets are generally available. The number of gas population and the total number of gas imports and exports.
A good motorcycle helmet must not only pass the quality test, but also do a good job of the above key links. To choose a good helmet, I suggest you choose a brand of helmet, and a helmet that has passed professional certification is a good helmet that you can rest assured.

Post time: Apr-30-2022