Can explosion-proof clothing be explosion-proof?

The explosion-proof service must have a certain guarantee effect. The specific sources of explosion damage are shrapnel and shock waves. The key to explosion-proof clothing is to avoid shrapnel, and the basic principle is the same as that of bulletproof clothing. As everyone knows, the shock wave damage will directly enter the internal organs according to the explosion-proof suit. Even if the shrapnel didn’t do damage from the explosion at close range, there was a good chance that internal organs and capillaries would be hit and ruptured by the shock wave. Ear drum rupture is relatively mild. It is very possible that the liver ruptures and the seven orifices bleed. In addition, some parts of the explosion-proof suit are light armor, or even no armor. You can watch TV shows “The Hurt Locker” and “The Hurt Locker.” To ensure the operational flexibility of the hand, a part of the hand is not maintained. The Hurt Locker’s playbook, so if it exploded, even if you saved your life, your hand might be. . . If you encounter a powerful time bomb, you can still use intelligent robots. If your surroundings are empty, you can instantly explode it. You need to defuse bombs if necessary. Life is the most precious. Egyptian bomb disposal officers in the news are very good.

Post time: Apr-09-2022