Bulletproof helmet


Bulletproof helmets have become an integral part of some police agencies and military safety gear. Its functions are not limited to the military, any organization or even individual that needs security protection can also be equipped with bulletproof helmets as needed. For example, SWAT units, riot police, and even patrol officers can be equipped with bulletproof helmets.

Bulletproof helmets have different levels of protection, and the NIJ protection rating is based on the level of bullets they can resist. Generally speaking,  III and IV are resistant to ordinary rifle bullets; NIJ I to III are resistant to all kinds of pistol bullets.

From a structural point of view, bulletproof helmets can be divided into three types: PASGT(M88), FAST and MICH, which are mainly classified according to their height.

Bulletproof helmets are equipment that can absorb and dissipate the energy of the warhead, prevent penetration, reduce blunt trauma, and effectively protect the human head. In fact, in addition to a certain degree of bulletproof function, its main function is to resist the impact of fragments and other objects. This is very important for law enforcement and security personnel. Police and security services, in particular, are more likely to encounter ramming weapons, projectiles and other head impact hazards. Therefore, for bulletproof helmets, its ballistic resistance and impact resistance are equally important.

Post time: Jul-04-2022