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Many people know that body armor can be divided into different levels according to the defense; according to the raw materials, it can be divided into soft body armor and hard body armor. We have previously introduced the bulletproof level and classification method of body armor in detail. Here we will mainly introduce the difference between soft body armor and hard body armor in detail.
1. Soft body armor.
Soft bulletproof clothing is generally made of polyester, aromatic acrylic resin rayon, ultra-high molecular polyethylene and other high-performance textile materials. This raw material has the characteristics of low hardness, high compressive strength, good ductility, and convenient production and processing. Therefore, compared with hard bulletproof clothing, soft bulletproof clothing is relatively light and flexible, the material is softer, and the clothing is more comfortable and convenient.
Perhaps many people will suspect that such a light and soft body armor can really stop bullets? When the bullet is damaged, the high-performance textile material will be broken and laser cut by the bullet wheel, and the impact will cause elastic deformation to spread to the area beyond the impact point, and then reasonably consume the kinetic energy of the bullet, thereby resisting the bullet or reducing the impact. Bullet damage to the body. As everyone knows, the defense level of soft body armor is indeed not high. At this stage, there are only IIA, II and IIIA soft body armors on the market, which are usually only used to defend against small pistols and shotgun attacks. If you want to solve higher-end hazards, you must configure hard body armor.
Soft plastic body armor
2. Hard body armor.
The bulletproof insert is installed in the soft body armor, which is what we often call the hard body armor. This bulletproof insert is generally made of hard materials such as metal materials, porcelain, and sandwich panels with excellent performance. Because bulletproof inserts are usually heavy and high in strength, compared with soft body armor, hard body armor equipped with bulletproof inserts is much heavier, and its flexibility and comfort are greatly reduced. As everyone knows, from the perspective of defense, the bulletproof characteristics of hard body armor have been greatly improved. When the firearm is under siege, the bullet will first touch the first line of defense in the hard body armor, which is the bulletproof plate made of metal materials, porcelain and high-performance composite materials. At the moment of understanding, the bullet and hard bulletproof material will crack, with most of the bullet’s kinetic energy being consumed. The soft bulletproof raw material will be used as the second line of defense, digesting, absorbing and spreading the kinetic energy of the remaining part of the bullet, and having a regulating effect, thereby achieving the actual effect of bulletproofing. Compared with soft body armor, the level of hard body armor is much higher. They can withstand more powerful processes, even automatic rifle armor-piercing rounds, and armor-piercing incendiary rounds with no problem.
hard body armor
It can be seen that there are differences between soft body armor and hard body armor in terms of structural components and bulletproof working capabilities. Therefore, when selecting bulletproof vests, it is necessary to establish the types of hazards in the natural environment according to their own specific conditions and needs, and effectively select them.
The above is a detailed introduction to the difference between soft body armor and hard body armor. Hope this helps you. If you have any doubts, please contact us in time.
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